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Voice of the Village

Carquinez Village has a weekly column, Voice of the Village, that appears each Friday in the Benicia Herald. 
Click on any of the titles to read the column.


I’d like to be outrageous, too! published 6.14.2019
by Judie Donaldson
A year or so ago, I wrote a column about the “Singing Seniors,” a heart-warming choral group in England that captures crowds with their repertoire and can barely keep up with their concert requests…read more


Is 80 the New 60? published 6.7.2019
by Lois Requist
By the time you read this, I will have done that—turned 80, that is. I used to think when people turned eighty, they were old… read more


Let's All Become Fall Prevention Experts published 5.31.2019
by Judie Donaldson
I read once that complications of falls are the primary cause of death in older adults. I thought it seemed bizarre… read more


The Courage To Be published 5.13.2019
by Judie Donaldson
Recently I’ve found myself doing something daring. Well, I’ve only got the courage to do it a couple of times. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I’ve surprised myself. You’ll never guess what I did… read more



Can You Climb Another Mountain? published 5.10.2019

My Mother, My Teacher published 5.1.2019

It's a Good Time To Be Old published 4.19.2019

What is a Community published 4.12.2019

What Do You Want To Leave To Your Children? published 4.3.2019

A Community Where Everyone Has Dementia published 3.22.2019

Becoming a Senior published 3.15.2019

Celebrating Life published 3.2.2019

Turning 80 published 3.1.2019

The Gift of Friendship published 2.6.2019















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