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Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to enrich, engage, and support its older citizens.    

What is a Village?
A Village is a volunteer membership organization that provides community, a social network, and services that benefit older adults who want to remain in their homes and live active and independent lives as they age.

The Village concept is based on the belief that it is possible for a community of people to pool their resources––by paying membership dues and volunteering their skills––to create an organization that can assist and support each member. The outcome? A whole that is larger than the sum of its parts with a powerful potential for impact on people’s lives. 

The first Village, Beacon Hill Village, was launched by a group of women in Boston in 2001. Although they didn’t realize it, they were starting a movement. Today over 200 Villages have adopted the Village model and another 150 are in the process of doing the same. Collectively they are transforming the experience of aging into one filled with new assumptions, opportunities, and horizons.

Click here to visit the Village to Village Network to learn more and find out where Villages are located.

What do Villages do?
Each Village provides programs, activities, and supportive services tailored to their members’ needs.


How do Villages work?
Individuals pay a membership fee that enables them to receive the services and activities that the Village provides for free. The services are provided by volunteers.

Who is eligible to join?
Older adults must be 50, 55, or 60, depending on the policy of each Village.

Who joins and why?
People join the Village for different reasons. Some join because they need supportive services. Others pay it forward because they anticipate that they may need services in the future. Some join because they are interested in the programs, activities, social connections, and community. Others join to be part of a group that has a new and progressive view of aging.

Who are the Village volunteers?
Volunteers are women and men of all ages and backgrounds. They are people who want to make a contribution to the lives of older adults and make a difference in the community.