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What Is A Village? 

Carquinez Village, like hundreds of other Villages around the country, is a local membership organization that provides a community without walls— providing social connection and individual support — so members can live independent, active, and engaged lives in their later years.

Carquinez Village is part of a Village Movement sweeping the country with over 200 Villages already functioning nationwide and another 150 in the process of forming. Go to The Village to Village Network by clicking here for the big picture.


What do these Villages do? 

Each Village provides programs, social activities, and individual services tailored to members’ needs and to the larger community. Resource information about other resources and services is also provided. 

Members gain peace of mind, knowing a community of committed people is available to provide a ride, a friendly phone call, help at home or with errands, social activity, and more.  



How Does It Work?  It takes a Village to Make A Village

Volunteers (including member-volunteers) provide time, talent, skills, and caring to make events happen (and to ensure everyone has a ride to get there) and to deliver other individual services. 

A central "office" (whether “real” or "virtual") matches member requests for services with the right volunteer. Volunteer coordinators oversee the process, keeping it fun for everyone while delivering on the Village’s promise. Program coordinators join with members to create programs of interest and fun social events.


Who Joins and Why?

Anyone over 60 can join the Village. Some people join because they need some support now or to pay it forward because they anticipate needing additional support at some point. Some join for social connection that’s readily available in a Village. Some join to be part of a group that’s helping people and providing something important for the larger community or because they want to help older folks and be a part of the community doing it.


Who Volunteers? 

People of all ages, backgrounds, skills, and talents are volunteers for Villages, including Carquinez Village. People volunteer who want to support older people living their best, independent lives for as long as they can and they volunteer to be a part of this important local and national happening — to make a difference and to be of service.



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